Best Seller Mini Solar Keychain Light

Just as a deluxe-sized combat flashlight is a must in any household or automobile, equally ingenious is the keyring flashlight.

Why You Need One?

Children are not the only ones who like to have flashlights - adults are just as fascinated by small gadgets and small lights!

This is a very small investment for great peace of mind. Bring light to your night.

Take a look at this cool Magnetic Base Super bright, and sturdy  250 Lumen "little" flashlight, with three modes: High, Low and Red Flashing. 

Great for emergencies (like changing a flat tire). The magnetic base easily holds Lil Larry upright on any metal (like a metal car part for checking the oil level, the oven door for changing the oven light). Find yourself in the attic and the light is out, attach Lil Larry to any metal and the attic is illuminated. Carpenters use it inside dark cabinets when installing. Great for craftsmen, fishermen, hunters, campers. 

It shines a light on dark paths or garages, finds key holes at night, and any unexpected dark spots you find yourself in. 

Have you ever been walking someplace not well lit or just down right dark and wished you had a flashlight?  Or looking for something in the very back of your closet? What about walking up to your car in the dark and not being able to see where to put your key?  All of these things have happened to everyone.  Key chain lights are your answer!  Who wants to carry around a bulky flashlight?  These small wonders are becoming more and more popular.

This pocket-sized device is so convenient to use in poorly-lit stairwells, looking for something under a car seat, or just to read something real quick.  This solar key chain is sleek, very portable and offers you the security you've been looking for.  It's not just for women either - men love this when out hunting, camping or just when they need a quick light.

Very handy key ring light. No batteries are ever needed on this powerful light. Attach to your key ring and it is there anytime you need it. Great for those of us that don't want to replace little batteries in our gadgets. Comes in a nice clear, water-resistant carry case that can be used for storing certain valuables and keeping them dry.

This key ring is a 3-LED solar powered flashlight that charges quickly, is durable and has a rechargeable button cell battery. (45 lumens, 0.75 watt) This makes a wonderful gift for professionals or executives, makes a great stocking-stuffer at Christmastime, may just prove to be the most useful item one will receive this holiday season; use at home or camping. When you're in a dark place, let this key ring light light the way. You always know where it's at to help in any dark situation.

So when life inconveniences you, try this little piece of assistance to help light your way.  Small things come in great packages.  Flashlights have come a long way since we were kids.   

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Mini Solar Keychain Light For Sale

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• 3 LEDs output 45 lumens

• Solar-powered
• Key ring attachment

• High-grade stainless steel cover plates,
  latest fast charge hard wearing solar panel

• Bottom-positioned ON/OFF button

• Rechargeable LIR2032 battery included

• Open: (L) 2.24” x (W) 1.14” x (D) 0.43”      
• 0.07 lbs.

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