The Remix Tactical- Your Everything Knife

The Remix Tactical Knife will become your "everything" knife!  This knife has the ability to but cables and pry nails out of wood. The blade itself is very nice and sharp.  Go ahead and test it!  You can put this through the most rigorous kind of wear you can think of.  We've even heard of military personnel taking it into battle when deployed. Cuts through thick cardboard and comes through beautifully. 

Now this knife may seem a little strange to someone at first, but just like anything new, once you work with it and train with it, it will become 2nd nature to you.  Reviews have said that the pocket clip is the best of its kind.  It never gets lose or bent or breaks. Everyone enjoys the grip and the compact style.


The Remix Tactical folding clip knife by Gerber Legendary Blades has a strong, sharp broad three-inch serrated "tanto blade" with that terrific Remix™ handle design. Great-gripping "ring-hold" for your index finger. Serrated at the back for tough jobs.

It’s a tactically inspired, but best choice for your "every-day" carry.
It has the thumb lift which provides stability and safety while cutting, and is made with a slim, lightweight handle and a blade that opens with one hand. Comes with a sturdy, metal clip and is very convenient to carry, super- comfortable to use and strong.

It really catches the eye with it's unique design and with the "Axel Hole", it secures one of your fingers to lock the knife in your group.  With the blade being partially serrated, it allows for a wide range of cutting.  If needed, and we hope it's never needed for this, the Tanto design turns this utility knife into a self-defense weapon.  This is why this Tactical Knife will become your Everyday knife.


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