Better Vision Now, by Clara A. Hackett

Better Vision Now, by Clara A. Hackett

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This book presents the successful techniques Clara Hackett developed over 10 years, working with over 2,800 clients, and was originally published as “Relax and See” in 1955. Based on the methods of Dr. William Bates, Hackett made some modifications and added new and effective exercises for a wide range of visual problems, from near- and far-sightedness to glaucoma and cataracts. She wrote this book to provide the public at large with the opportunity to use these techniques to improve their vision.

Hackett describes how vision works, the basis of poor eye sight, and how you can learn to reeducate the way you see. She presents a step-by-step program for each visual problem, over a period of 12 weeks, which incorporates all the facets of good vision. There are instructions for making the charts and other tools needed for the exercises, using materials that are widely available. The exercises are designed to be enjoyable and interesting to do, and there are also suggestions of various ways you can practice as you go about your day.

Clara Hackett provides a wonderful approach for anyone who wants to find an alternative to using glasses or resorting to laser surgery in order to see well. Those who use glasses are familiar with the problem of having their vision progressively deteriorate over time and having to use stronger and stronger prescriptions, and as they get older developing multiple problems with their vision. This book provides evidence that visual problems do not stem from a physical malformation of the eye structure (that is permanent), but rather stems from having a faulty way of seeing that can be corrected through learning new habits.


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