Finding Contentment, A Journey to Self-Discovery by Warren Metzler, MD

Finding Contentment, A Journey to Self-Discovery by Warren Metzler, MD

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This book describes mankind's desire for contentment, and is based on the author’s personal experiences, including his practice as a well-being physician.

Metzler begins by defining contentment, and describes how it is the fundamental motivation of human beings. He goes on to show the various ways we try to achieve it, the basic make up of mankind, and how we can develop through our exposure to the various aspects, or realms, in the world around us. This leads to a description of the progression of human consciousness and how to live life optimally.

He states that contentment is a gift from God, a signpost of how well we are doing in the specific path that God designed for us (via the opportunities being presented). Later chapters are about the stages of development every person faces, and that each stage provides the opportunity to learn and master a particular life skill. At the time of writing this book, the author was only in his thirties and since it was based on his personal awareness, his description entails only what is possible to know by that age.

Further chapters explore God and describe how we all pursue a god; even atheists. He also describes the nature of health and illness, covering topics such as, "What is authentic health, what illness is, and how one can move from sickness to health?" In the final chapter creativity is explored. Metzler states, "Creativity is the essence of the human experience…being able to discover a new awareness is what gives us our greatest pleasure".

It is not a long book, but it provides considerable information about the human being and finding one’s potential in life. To find out more you can go to