Quizás, Quizás, Quizás, a Mexican Music CD by Los Trovadores del Caribe

Quizás, Quizás, Quizás, a Mexican Music CD by Los Trovadores del Caribe

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This CD is the first for the trio, Los Trovadores del Caribe. The musicians, Miguel A. Magaña, Efren Calderon and Mariano Leal Eschivan, live in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and earn their living playing in the restaurants, clubs and hotels in the area. Playa del Carmen is a Caribbean coastal town on the Yucatan Peninsula, about forty-five miles south of Cancun.

We hope you enjoy listening to the music of this trio playing classic Latin/Caribbean songs, with their own instruments, in the “Bolero, Rumba and Tropical style.” The CD was produced to sound as live and natural as possible which you can read more about below. A listener once said after hearing Quizas “I feel like I’m on vacation!” We think that describes the experience very well.

The CD includes printed lyrics for in both Spanish and English for all the songs.

About the Musicians

The trio did not start out playing music together. They are from three different hometowns in Mexico and played in various other groups during the “Rock and Roll” years. They feel that for reasons of destiny they all ended up in Playa del Carmen, where they met and formed Los Trovadores.

Miguel is lead vocalist and plays rhythm guitar. Efren is lead guitarist and back up vocalist, and also wrote an original song on the CD. Mariano plays percussion and does backup vocals.

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Production Background

This CD was produced by Phosphorus Alights, which is based in Los Angeles, California.

Phosphorus Alights Music endeavors to make recordings that sound as close to a live performance as is technically possible. There are a few basic guidelines they follow to achieve this goal:

-The musicians determine which songs and which song arrangements are recorded.

-Each song is repeatedly recorded until the musicians are content with their performance.

-A recording location is chosen which offers good acoustics.

-Always have one of the microphones used be a Neuman Dummy head KU100 because it captures a stereo three-dimensional sound (Each musician also had a microphone for his vocals and one for his instrument).

-In the post production keep the processing to a minimum. The goal is a high fidelity sound that is as close to the original as possible.