Transformational Christianity, by Warren Metzler

Transformational Christianity, by Warren Metzler

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This book begins with the author summarizing the basic principles of Christianity. He describes how every human being is a spirit, though we are not consciously aware of it. It is our spirit that communicates with God, and we either surrender to God’s will for our life, or succumb to the devil’s temptation and try to have our own way. In essence, a person is either oriented to his “spiritual nature” or his “human nature”.

Metzler presents that people who are attached to their human nature have goals of attaining money, power and fame. At the core of this is the desire to be in control of your own destiny; to “be your own god”. With these underlying goals, no matter how hard people may try to live a worthwhile life, and do things with seemingly “good intentions,” they repeatedly fail.

In contrast, real Christians recognize that God is in control of everything and is constantly providing opportunities to develop new skills in life; each situation is presented for that person’s benefit, so there is no need to worry. By accurately observing and taking advantage of those opportunities, a person, over time, discards her “human nature” and takes on his “spiritual nature” using the Holy Spirit as his “24/7 guide”. Metzler contrasts this with those that believe that being a Christian involves a single act of confessing ones sins, making a verbal commitment such as stating you “accept Jesus as your personal savior”.

The author describes the quality in a true Christian’s life is a manifestation of how her spirit is maturing. As her spirit matures, she becomes more masterful in daily living. She begins developing more and more Christ-like behaviors while on earth, and ultimately she will be admitted to the kingdom of heaven. This is in contrast to believing bounty is only experienced in heaven, once earthly life is over.

Warren Metzler urges the reader not to miss this wonderful opportunity that God provides.

Softcover, 27 pages


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